Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Biz Cards From Zazzle

I recently had some new business cards for Anna my wife's and my design business Sojourn Design made by and I have to say, I'm really happy with them, and not just that but I'm stoked with Zazzle's customer support people, and how they handled some issues the order had. They are really proactive and more than user friendly.

In the print industry "spoilage" (print jobs that don't turn out for a variety of reasons and not necessarily or usually not a good printing company's fault, but they still have to pretty much eat the cost) is not a good thing and impossible to avoid for any printer, even good ones, and the batch of cards I ordered & received had some issues that weren't acceptable, but before I could go through their process of submitting the issues and waiting for reprints, their support people had already caught the problem and sent out reprints before I even had notified them of the issues. To top it off, the cards were delivered on the same day I was going to contact them(!) So yeah, I am stoked since they went way beyond meeting their obligation in making sure things were made right. Great job Zazzle customer support folks! I'm still stoked :)

If you want to see some other product they make (that you can put your own art or photos on), you can visit their site or my Zazzle page: Thanks!

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